That is the question that BBH Labs has always asked.

When I walked into the office this morning, I felt a sense of nervousness but also excitement. On Friday a true BBH legend left the building and as @jeremyet mentioned in his farewell post, he handed over the precious keys to this blog. I promised him that we won’t screw it up.

So with my first blog post for BBH Labs, inevitably comes the question: What’s next?

As @melex outlined in her leaving post, BBH Labs had many different iterations over the years – from the original plan of a Marketing skunkworks, to experiment with emerging stuff, developing new agency models, and most of all to learn, publicly and privately. Now it is time for the next iteration.

There are many people here at 60 Kingly Street and across our network, keen to shape the future of BBH Labs, keen to build on the success of the past but also keen to take BBH Labs forward. We want to do some of the same things in the same way, but we are also really keen to do things differently. BBH Labs, at its heart, has also always been about difference. Working in different ways, playing with different ideas and involving different people.

We will continue to explore what happens at the intersection of technology, culture and brands. We want to connect with likeminded people who want to push the boundaries of our industry and we want to continue to test things, to experiment, to fail. We want to continue to share our learnings with you. And we want to bring the learnings from the outside world into 60 Kingly Street.

That is why we also want to make BBH Labs even more open, more collaborative, more participative – internally and externally. And now we want to involve you.

I am a planner by trade, so what better thing to do than to start with some research. I want to invite you, the long-time BBH Labs community, to get involved. What are the things you would love to see from BBH Labs in the future? What are the things you are most interested about? What have been some of your personal highlights over the years? What should we continue doing? What could we do differently?

I know you are out there, so let us know what you think and get in touch. Either here, on Twitter or via E-Mail:

Whatever the next iteration of BBH Labs, we will definitely continue to ask what’s next.