What’s in a Name?

Author: Jeremy Ettinghausen, Innovation Director BBH London & Labs When a few of us were sitting around talking about a film we’ve just produced for Virgin Media we agreed on two things. Firstly, we all really like it. Secondly, none of us know exactly what it is, or what to call it. “Throughout the ancient

What We Are Reading

Author: Melanie Arrow, Strategy Director, BBH London A new feature for the Labs blog, giving you an insight

Barclays Premier League 2014/15 – a Social League Table

Author: Jamie Watson, Strategist BBH London & BBH Sport Imagine if your brand’s fans, or at least customers,

What Platform, Which Brand?

Author: Damola Timeyin, Social Strategist BBH London Every year arrives with a glut of predictions about which technologies

21st Century Strategy, or the Art of Travelling without a Map

A couple of weeks back, I was invited to speak at the APG’s first Noisy Thinking event of

Inspired in Austin

Authors; a crack team of roving reporters, on the ground in Austin, Tx SXSW isn’t just about tacos, BBQ and Shiner and to ensure that the lucky BBHers who were out there knew that, we asked them to send us a quick note about the best thing they saw and heard in Austin. These are

For those about to rock

Author: Mel Exon, Managing Director BBH London and Co-Founder, BBH Labs Keep Austin Weird … is a phrase

Designing for Attention

Author: Shib Hussain, Strategist, BBH London The competition for user attention. (Image courtesy of College Humour) Attention as

Back to the Future 2015

In the January edition of Marketing Magazine BBH London Managing Director and Labs Co-Founder Mel Exon highlighted ten tech trends

2014 – a social round-up

Author: Damola Timeyin, Social Strategist, BBH London Each week BBH’s social team send round their ‘digital digest’ –

Deluxe Disruption

In his essay Software is Eating the World, Marc Andreesen listed a whole bunch of industries whose business

The New New Kool Aid

The first ‘tech’ conference I attended was SXSW in 2007. Screens in every hallway were showing a live

The Emperor Says: It’s Time to Hit or Stand

In what can best be described as a blistering decision, New Jersey legalized online casino gaming in November