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The PhoneBook – The future of interactive storytelling?

16th November 09

Posted by Ben Malbon

Posted in mobile, storytelling

This is so brilliantly simple, and hints at a very interesting emerging platform both for conventional storytelling (in this case, reading with kids) but also for new opportunities where print meets interactivity anywhere.

YouTube Preview Image

This is a mock-up, clearly, but @Schatz & I been trying to work out what technology would allow the iPhone (say) to know when the page was turned; this would ensure a more immersive & richer experience.

Two thoughts come to mind:

One, use headphones controls to hack some kind of next page function from the next track control.

Two, shake and turn (bit random with kids in charge)

Any other ideas?

More details here: http://www.mobileart.jp/phonebook.html

Thanks to Alex Rainert – @arainert – for the original link on his excellent blog: http://www.everydayux.com/

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