By Ben Shaw, Head of BBH Live and Jack Colchester, Senior Data Strategist at BBH Live who recently picked up the  WARC Grand Prix for Effectiveness in Social.

“This is definitely a rant but it’s also a bit of a plea, so just go with it. I’ll probably get a bit angry and I’ll probably get quite a lot of people disagreeing with me, especially with all the media lot in the room,” began Ben Shaw’s talk at Social Media Week 2017 and he certainly didn’t disappoint . He went on to argue that the steep increase in paid media on social, combined with a shift in marketing towards short-termism, has given rise to a nonsense of KPIs and ‘best practice principles’ that have left brands prioritising a ‘2 second 50% view’ over real impact. So stick your headphones in, get your notepad out and let Ben take you through the 10 Social Commandments for Creative Effectiveness or have a read of the deck below instead.