In this episode we nerd out on GDPR, the data regulation revolution that is set to have a gigantic impact on the relationship between brands and consumers in the UK. ‘Get it wrong and you could be fined up to 20mil euros or 4% or a firm’s global turnover, the board could even go to jail.’  And yet it still seems to provoke more yawns than interest. We ask what it is, why it’s so scary and where the gilt-edged opportunities are for enterprising brands and agencies.

Joining host Richard Cable in this episode are Richard Madden, Head of Strategy for CRM and Direct, and strategist Jacob Lovewell. In the last guide you’ll ever need to GDPR, they discuss what it is, why it’s going to kill programmatic, how it could provoke a revolution in creativity, and the odds it could land you a long stretch in prison.