Jointly posted with Richard Schatzberger, Director of Creative Technology, BBH New York

With the holidays now in full swing we thought we would get into the spirit of giving and share an idea we have been playing with in BBH Labs. It’s nice and simple. So simple in fact that we can’t imagine that someone has already done it (tweet us a link if you have seen it in action).

The idea is QR codes that instantly create tweets.

Simply shoot the QR code (below) with a reader on your phone and you have a tweet ready to send out to the world (note: you may have to log-in to Twitter).


Step 1:
Make the URL (just change the red bit)

Use these codes for special characters – (%20 is a space) (%40 is @) (%25 is #)

To make it even easier try using zeek interactive’s tool for generating the link

Step 2:
Paste it into a QR code maker.

That’s it.

We think there are some really interesting ways to use this and would love to hear of any ways you find to bring it to life making it valuable for people and brands.