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    • Old Record Player + Stop Motion + Lights + Tron Legacy Soundtrack = Awesome

      20th September 10

      Posted by Ben Malbon

      Posted in awesomeness, technology

      This is great. Almost too great to be true. But take a look and see what you think. Hot on the heels of Dentsu London’s clever use of the iPad to paint pictures, something altogether more lofi but equally excellent.

      Light Drive from Kim Pimmel on Vimeo.

      Stop motion form and colour, using light painting techniques.
      Lighting: Kim Pimmel
      Sound: Tron Legacy trailers

      From Kim Pimmel’s Vimeo site, more detail:

      I’ve been interested in taking my Light Study photo series and evolving them into motion pieces. I shot a lot of footage for a VJ gig for FITC San Francisco. So I edited together those stop motion sequences, mashed up some audio from the Tron Legacy trailers, and out came Light Drive.

      The video is stop motion, so every frame is an individually shot photograph. Each photograph is a long exposure photo, with exposures reaching up to 20 seconds in some cases.

      To control the lights, I used an Arduino controlled via bluetooth to drive a stepper motor. The stepper motor controls the movements of the lights remotely from Processing.

      The light sources include cold cathode case lights, EL wire, lasers and more.

      via @finnbarrw (the constant source of the most magical films and special effects)