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Our top 10 in the last 7 days: 17th May 2011

NASA's space shuttle Endeavour at Mach 11, as seen on Google Earth 05.16.11

Regular readers will know that every now and again we share our top ten links over the past 7 days. This one has a particular space mission flavour to it, we hope you enjoy.


We’ve fallen in love with Photopic Sky Survey, a 5,000 megapixel photograph of the entire night sky (see image below).

Legendary Technologist John Seely Brown talks about “the big shift” and much more in this fantastic speech.

Our friends at Made By Many launched madebyideas, an elegantly simple platform for sharing and rating ideas.

This interactive film by Chris Milk is the latest Chrome Experiment (case study by Mirada here).

Prinstagram is the latest star in the exploding Instagram solar-system, letting you print photos or Instagrid posters.

Think Insights is a new digital marketing trends site from Google because “data beats opinion.”

BBH friend Adam Wohl writes a manifesto on the future of agencies.

An epic post by Dan Light on emerging trends in movie-land, “Distribution, Redistributed.”

BBH London’s Chairman, Jim Carroll, asks “Whose ad is it anyway?” in this post on the Labs blog.

Labs’ Jeremy Ettinghausen interviewed Amber Case (@caseorganic, a cyborg anthropologist) about everything you’d want him to. *Bonus* Google launched its Chromebook last week (a computer-like object). Here’s the BBH-created video.

Source: Photopic Sky Survey

Our top ten reads from the last 7 days: 1st November, 2010

It is not the same to talk about bulls, as to be in the bull ring”
– Spanish proverb (HT @juzmcmuz)

We’ve mentioned before that we pick just 10 links we like the look of every week (provocative, challenging, useful and/or entertaining tend to be the order of the day) and send them to our friends at BBH around the world.

It’s heavily based on the @BBHLabs twitterstream across 7 days, but filleted, honed and whittled to a Top Ten for anyone who fancies a filter between them and the 24/7, 365 days a year drenching in data that is Twitter.

So here it is again. Feel free to pass on. As usual, ideas on making it more useful always welcome.

“140 chars is not a limit, it’s a shape” – exceptional interview with @discographies on Big Spaceship’s Think blog:

‘Ball Droppings’, a Chrome HTML5 experiment: (via @timogeo @seth_weisfeld)

The history of mankind in a minute – a great stop-motion animation for BBC: (via @motionographer)

Super cool – Stamen Design’s 2 week long series of race data visualisations for W+K London’s Nike Grid is live:

Not sure why this took so long. Augmented Reality app that lets users graffiti buildings. Interesting “steal” feature too:

*Extraordinary* short ‘Nuit Blanche’ – if you’ve not seen this, think Brief Encounter + CGI – by Arev Manoukian: (via @finnbarrw)

Two handy infographics from Flow Town: How Important Have Apps Become? & The Social Buying Universe:

NASA turns its attention to sustainability challenges right here on Earth, with its LAUNCH initiative: (via @jess3)

How Money Follows Attention, Eventually – Kevin Kelly on the commercial future of mediators who boost the signal:

“The first step for each of us is to imagine fearlessly; to dream.” – big thinking from Ray Ozzie: (via @Techcrunch)


And a bonus 11th, Power to the Pixel guest post on Labs: Powered by Pixels – on new storytelling: