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  • To the Ends of the Earth

    15th October 09

    Posted by Mel Exon

    Posted in creativity, Sustainability

    “This is it. One day, one issue, thousands of voices.
    Robin Beck, Lead Organiser, Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

    Blog Action Day has it all: a social experiment on a mass scale, for the good of the planet. And, whilst it’s been pretty awe-inspiring to witness thousands of people write about the same topic in one day, it’s fair to say we’re most excited by that word in the middle: Action.

    Antarctica: A Global Warning

    Creating a human SOS for 'Antarctica: A Global Warning' (Photo by Sebastian Copeland)

    With that and #BAD09′s climate change focus in mind, we’re using our post here to share the work of Sebastian Copeland, the photographer, environmental advocate & polar explorer. (Full disclosure: I’m proud to say Sebastian is also my cousin).

    Sebastian Copeland, photographer & board member, Global Green USA

    Sebastian Copeland, board member & advocate, Global Green USA

    Aside from the fact we’re not-so-secret fans of exploration in all senses of the word here at Labs, the thing we most admire (as we’ve discussed on a more than one occasion) is the killer combination of ground-breaking creativity put to great use.  In Sebastian’s case, it’s one thing to have enviable creative & technical skill as a photographer, director, writer & speaker, it’s altogether another thing when that’s combined with a fearless appetite for physical endurance and a single-minded commitment to putting climate change issues front & centre.

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