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    • BBH went to SXSW and this is what we found

      11th April 14

      Posted by Mel Exon

      Posted in Events, interactive

      Author: Ben Shaw, Social Strategy Lead, BBH London


      Last month, BBH London sent 11 lucky people to Austin to discover the latest innovations that tech, film and music had to offer. Amongst the BBQ, beer and banter, they managed to find a bunch of insights about the advancement of the human race. Topics like this may only truly be delivered under a desert sky with smoked meat and a pale ale, but in an effort to distribute our learnings to a wider audience we’ve tried to distil them down into some slides (below). We looked at three topics that we think are vital to our future – as an agency and as human beings. Enjoy.

      giphy (1)

    • Expialodocious, remixed

      27th May 09

      Posted by Ben Malbon

      Posted in creativity, music

      We’re enjoying the work of Pogo, hailing from Australia.

      He’s just released this (cheers to @mikearauz for the heads-up) – check it out in HQ. Love the Technicolor of the original picture.

      YouTube Preview Image

      Plenty more, and downloads, at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fagottron

      Happy Wednesday.