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    • Keep Aaron Cutting

      11th August 11

      Posted by Mel Exon

      Posted in People, technology

      Author: Pablo Marques (@pablo_marques), Creative Director, BBH London & BBH Labs

      Please donate here: http://keepaaroncutting.blogspot.com/

      A few weeks ago we started the UK edition of The BBH Barn program (@BBHBarn).

      The Barn is a program for our interns: its aim to expand and mix both the power advertising wields and youth’s inherent energy, then channel both for good.

      As our team went about trying to find a problem they felt passionate about solving, we were all surprised by the absurdity of the past week’s riots in the UK.

      With the riots came all of the negativity towards todays youth and the use of social media technology to mobilise people.

      There it was, we had our problem. We wanted to show the world that youth and technology could also be a force for good, this was exactly what The Barn was about.

      The team came up an idea. Why not use the force for good to help someone that was neither young nor technology savvy.

      We set up Keep Aaron Cutting.

      Aaron is an 89 years old barber who has been in the Tottenham area for 41 years whose business was ransacked during the riots. He has no insurance and no way of rebuilding his shop. His livelihood is devastated.

      “I will probably have to close because I haven’t got insurance and I can’t afford the repairs,” – Aaron

      If we could restore Aaron’s faith in youth and technology that might not solve the problem, but would be the perfect way to start.

      If you want to help, please donate or share. And if you’d like to, follow the story via the site and via #keepaaroncutting on Twitter.

      If you have any questions about BBH Barn in the UK please contact me @pablo_marques or via email.

      For media enquiries about BBH‘s involvement, please contact Sarah Pollard.

      The Team:

      BBH Barners

      Bjorn and Sophie @bjornandsophie
      Omid Fard @OmidFard


      Kimberly Gill @kimmeh_gill
      Mareka Carter @marekacarter
      Simon Pearse @ThisIsMurray
      Ben Shaw @BenShaw
      Mel Exon @melex

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