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To the Ends of the Earth

“This is it. One day, one issue, thousands of voices.
Robin Beck, Lead Organiser, Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

Blog Action Day has it all: a social experiment on a mass scale, for the good of the planet. And, whilst it’s been pretty awe-inspiring to witness thousands of people write about the same topic in one day, it’s fair to say we’re most excited by that word in the middle: Action.

Antarctica: A Global Warning

Creating a human SOS for 'Antarctica: A Global Warning' (Photo by Sebastian Copeland)

With that and #BAD09’s climate change focus in mind, we’re using our post here to share the work of Sebastian Copeland, the photographer, environmental advocate & polar explorer. (Full disclosure: I’m proud to say Sebastian is also my cousin).

Sebastian Copeland, photographer & board member, Global Green USA

Sebastian Copeland, board member & advocate, Global Green USA

Aside from the fact we’re not-so-secret fans of exploration in all senses of the word here at Labs, the thing we most admire (as we’ve discussed on a more than one occasion) is the killer combination of ground-breaking creativity put to great use.  In Sebastian’s case, it’s one thing to have enviable creative & technical skill as a photographer, director, writer & speaker, it’s altogether another thing when that’s combined with a fearless appetite for physical endurance and a single-minded commitment to putting climate change issues front & centre.