The team at Dentsu in London collaborated with a team of geeks at Berg London, and, using all sorts of crazy computer modeling and animation techniques, created 3D light-paintings by playing a “CAT-scan” style animation on the iPad while sweeping the iPad through the air. Then, by repeatedly sweeping through the air with various 3D models, they were able to create 3D light painting stop-motion animations.

Words don’t do it justice, take a look.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

There are far more details and some good insights around the technology behind the project on the rather good Dentsu blog, written by old BBH Labs collaborator (Google Chrome) & ex-Glue London head of strategy, Beeker Northam. We look forward to seeing a ton more experimentation in this space.

We came across this on PetaPixel, again via @finnbarrw.