Great entertainment is transgressive. It breaks the rules and provokes your emotions. Brands must overcome their need to be liked and challenge their audiences if they want to create entertainment that truly impacts culture, writes Richard Cable, Editorial Director at BBH London. If great advertising and great entertainment have one thing in common, it’s that they

What’s love got to do with it?

Brand love should be dead. Byron Sharp and the Ehrenberg Bass Institute should have seen to that. But

Labs goes global

A few months ago we asked ourselves what might come next for BBH Labs. Well, it might have taken

Just Build an App and They Will Come – Busting the Myth

So, you’ve built an awesome app. People love it and they even tell their friends to download (as you’ve

Is it time to give your brand a voice?

BBH Labs interview with Marcel Kornblum, Head of Creative Technology, BBH London Voice is one of the big


It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon in Soho. I am at a cafe, waiting to interview a guy called


At first glance these may look like three separate entities, but look a little closer into youth culture today and you will see that they are inseparably tangled together. Grime stars love gaming; they love talking about it online and they love writing music about gaming. The gaming elite have reciprocated this inter-genre love; KSI

Making the Right Magic Win

A BBH LA POV on Trump’s America and the post-truth media world. If you’ve read Paul Feldwick’s latest book retracing

Can we really make a difference?

Written by Lilli English (Head of Strategy, BBH London) I woke up in the early hours of Wednesday morning and immediately looked at my phone. There it was, Trump in the lead. I check Facebook shortly after.  My feed is having a meltdown.  Outrage, disgust, emoji-sobbing, mocking.  I consider joining in.   And then realise: it’ll

What’s next?

That is the question that BBH Labs has always asked. When I walked into the office this morning,

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Imagination, rekindled

Author, Kendra Salvatore, Strategy Director BBH NY A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending