We’ve mentioned before that we pick just 10 links we like the look of every week (provocative, challenging, useful and/or entertaining tend to be the order of the day) and send them to our friends at BBH around the world.

It’s heavily based on the @BBHLabs twitterstream across 7 days, but filleted, honed and whittled to a Top Ten for anyone who fancies a filter between them and the 24/7, 365 days a year drenching in data that is Twitter.

So here it is again. Feel free to pass on. As usual, ideas on making it more useful always welcome.


Comprehensive analysis of CityVille game mechanics – http://bit.ly/eN4GWq

How novels came to terms with the internet – http://bit.ly/ewWiSj (via @garethkay)

66% of 16-24s cite *entertainment* as prime motivation to engage with brands – http://bit.ly/hNvy4D (via @contagiousmag)

If you’re in the Bay area, you only have a few days left to book Kevin Kelly to come and talk about What Technology Wants to your team – http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/

“Instead of thinking about what to build – It’s about building in order to think” Tim Brown at TED in 09 – http://bit.ly/h2qgHT (via @sermad)

“Each media channel is a strand in the rope that is the story” – nice piece on @LanceWeiler‘s take on transmedia – http://bit.ly/ha94fy

The Past Imagines the Future – @brainpicker revisits retrofuturism – http://bit.ly/iebLIE

The Number One Key to Innovation? Scarcity – http://j.mp/f90r5h (via @malbonnington)

Interview with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia for the site’s 10th birthday – http://bit.ly/hfzDzB

2010 online, by the numbers – http://nyti.ms/f3elXQ (via @edwardboches)


And  bonus 11th – We’ve come a long way, baby – Map of the internet 1972 http://t.co/URxFwds Vs map of the world through Facebook connections 2010 http://t.co/MyyXkUy