Our SMW talk: “Screw Earning Media, Start Earning Value”

@saneel and @shaunabe present at Social Media Week 2012

This morning, I had the privilege of co-presenting with Shaun Abrahamson, the CEO of Mutopo and active member of the Labs community. We’ve been discussing how companies inspire their customers to give them so much more than a purchase. Today, we presented the culmination of thinking* both Mutopo and BBH Labs have been doing about this topic. It covers what can reasonably be earned from customers (media can feel trivial in comparison), and what ambitious companies are offering in return across various social media platforms. Just to prove we really get it, we made our entire presentation a collection of examples and case studies. Now that’s earning value, isn’t it?

Click the image above to watch a video of the presentation. The slides can be found here.

*Thanks to @jrafferty & @nalaisadog for their help with content and design, respectively

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