A few months ago we asked ourselves what might come next for BBH Labs. Well, it might have taken us some time but we think we finally have cracked it (if there ever is such a thing). Labs has always been about the spirit of people working together – a spirit of restlessness. It’s not so much about the individuals but more about a shared ambition. Arguably, since BBH Labs started in 2009, the world has gotten even more connected and faster paced, but a bit more separated and disconnected at the same time. Ironically it took a global gathering of BBHers to get together physically in a remote, completely ‘off the grid’ old country house to define the next chapter of Labs. We quickly agreed that a modern Lab has to be global. We found the right mix of people with the same shared ambition to take Labs into its next iteration. We got a crack team together, representing Labs from every office in our BBH network, from Los Angeles to Singapore. From now on you will get a more global, more diverse and therefore more interesting view from us. Our team in Stockholm already kicked things off, there is more to come.