Posted by: Heidi Hackemer, Planning Director, BBH New York


Just about nothing consumes us more than making sure we have the right people working here at BBH.

So this summer we’re excited to be hosting the beta of The Barn, our new agency internship program, run by three of BBH New York’s finest Barn Masters, Heidi Hackemer, Richard Schatzberger & Dane Larsen. The idea behind it is simple: get some smart people in here, house them in groups of three and have them work together all summer. We’re not recruiting by discipline; rather we’re looking for smart, fun, positive, lover-of-ideas types who get into brand, culture and communication, and can work collaboratively.

The Barn itself is one part Harry Potter, one part Golden Girls, one part Dragon’s Den and one part Lady Gaga.

Harry Potter (community)

We’re taking in six candidates – the six will be split into houses of three. Their house is their life and the houses will live on to the next term when we get a new set of interns.

Golden Girls (support)

The houses will each have an agency advisor and will also work on two pieces of business each – i.e. plenty of people throughout the agency overseeing them, helping them and teaching them about different facets of all things BBH.

Dragons’ Den (competition)

In addition to the warm and fuzzy client business, each house will get a bespoke brief upon arrival that they will work on all summer. At the end of the term, the houses will present their solution in an open forum against the other house to BBH bigwigs and clients.

Lady Gaga (fame)

The houses won’t only be judged on their immediate solution, but also on how well they blast their BBH experience out during the term.

We’re starting the inaugural class with a group of six: three interns from our 4A’s partnership, three from the open recruit. Then we’ll mix up 4A’ers with the open recruits into the houses. Check out the application site at, follow on Twitter @bbhbarn.

Applications are due April 22nd at 6:00 pm.