Author: Louise Ablewhite, HR Manager, BBH London

Who we’re after

The ultimate T-shaped Producer.  Someone with an in-depth knowledge of a production discipline (film, interactive, print, mobile, content, AFP, events/experiential, gaming, publishing), with broader knowledge across at least one other specialism. You’ll be responsible for working with the Creative Department to realise their ideas through development and craft – and to manage the process through to delivery / first release and beyond.
What you’ll be like

Fearless and fun to work with, passionate about the work and a great communicator – able to build great relationships with Strategy and Team Management, be client facing and campaign aware. Above all, you’ll be happiest collaborating with multiple partners and stakeholders (both internally and externally).  Challenges and unknowns must be embraced and relished.

Responsibilities/key attributes

  • Be able to demonstrate excellent creative and editorial judgement
  • An appetite to learn and develop further is a must, with a passion for new ways of working and outputs
  • Comfortable & confident with unknown territory/never been done before projects & able to navigate through it
  • A keen an eye for detail and a strong background in managing complex project and budgets
  • Confident in managing clients directly
  • Able to manage complex legal negotiations with several parties
  • Entrepreneurial: actively seek new revenue generating opportunities & business models
  • In-depth knowledge of how other brands & media owners are operating in this space
  • Good people skills and ability to build relationships across all disciplines and with third party partners
  • Other key attributes: Hardworking, energetic, collaborative, good organisational skills, sound production and cultural knowledge.

If this sounds like your kind of job, we want to hear from you. Please send a cv/resume, details or link to