by Lucian Trestler, Strategy Director at BBH London and editor of BBH Labs & Jack Colchester, Senior Data Strategist at BBH London.



Banner ads are used to drive sales from the bottom of the purchase funnel and are often sold as a cost effective way to extend the reach of a campaign. But it is not a media that is associated with building brand fame. Why? Because the medium is the message.

More specifically, the perceived cost of that medium, is the message.

There’s a reason why banks were originally in big marble buildings, engagement rings cost 3 months’ salary, a peacock’s tail makes up (a very inconvenient) 60% of its body length. “Just as in the natural world, advertising works, not despite its perception of costliness, but because of it.” This is known as costly signalling. In fact the new luxe is spending two grand on a bag that looks like a 40p IKEA bag, because you are SO rich that you can spend a crazy amount of money on something that others can only afford if they buy the really cheap version. It’s costly signalling gone meta. And costly signalling is not an opportunity the medium of banner ads has ever offered to brands.


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