Earlier this year I went to Bucharest to attend the tech conference icee.fest. I saw some fairly breathtaking presentations from production companies Happy Finish and Hammerhead, on the capabilities of VR, AR and AI. If you want to see how this tech is impacting creativity (as opposed to just hear these buzzwords being thrown around the ad industry…) I’d recommend you go next year.

I was asked to speak about ‘how to get your message across in a world with a lot of noise’. Sir Nigel Bogle referred to BBH as a Fame Factory some time before Marketing In The Era of Accountability showed us that this was the most profitable objective for comms, and it is still what we, and our clients, aim for today. So I spoke (for 20mins) about how I think you make famous advertising, using case studies from Nike, PlayStation, Absolut, Ikea, KFC and Justice4Grenfell.

I also used the talk to trail a new product that we are launching called >next-to-no-moneyfame – a low risk, high return way to access BBH’s fame making creativity. Stay tuned for more on that soon.

Thanks, Lucian.