Author, Jeremy Ettinghausen, Innovation Director, BBH Labs & BBH London

410 Gone Indicates that the resource requested is no longer available and will not be available again. This should be used when a resource has been intentionally removed and the resource should be purged. Upon receiving a 410 status code, the client should not request the resource in the future. Clients such as search engines should remove the resource from their indices.[40] Most use cases do not require clients and search engines to purge the resource, and a “404 Not Found” may be used instead.


Reading back over my very first Labs post, written a couple of weeks after I joined, I’m struck by how incredibly green I was. I knew so little about advertising, so little about the culture and history of BBH and so little about the expectations placed on everyone who works here by colleagues, clients and the wider advertising community.

Knowing that I came from outside the industry, BBH eased me in gently – my first assignment was to babysit a Google radio ad for Romania on behalf of a vacationing CD. I had to listen to two voice samples and decide (the power!) which one was more Googley. I can do this, I thought to myself.

If only it was always that easy.

Six years later, writing my last Labs post, there’s a bit of me that wishes I’d managed to stay an ingénue a little longer. But it’s hard to do that when you’ve got so much experience and so many great teachers to learn from. 

So, thanks to the people who got me into BBH, shared the BBH Labs spirit and got me thinking harder, faster, better, stronger than I believed possible. Thanks also to everyone *out there* for their thinking, doing, talking, making and oh-so-generously sharing; There are too many of you to name and you already know who you are – see Mel’s leaving post if you need their twitter handles. But I do want to say particular thanks to my Labs partners in crime, @melex and @agatheg – it was truly a blast. I’m leaving Labs in the safe hands of Achim Schauerte and look forward to seeing what comes next.

Working at BBH and being given the space to consider the challenges and opportunities that lie at the intersection of technology, culture and brand has been an absolute privilege. I leave with the desire to take everything I’ve learned here from everyone I’ve learned from and try and find opportunities to make the internet a little better. Better for the people who make internet things and better for everyone who uses internet things.

See you around the web.