A brief introduction to this new recurring feature on BBH Labs.

Mostly white. Straight. Liberal. Male-led. Affluent. Urban. Able-bodied. Cisgender. Under-40. ‘Creative’.

For an industry that prides itself on fresh thinking, we’re a pretty homogenous bunch.

It’s our job to know our audience better than they know themselves. But we’re not representative, and it’s holding us back. With the best will in the world, we see the world through one perspective: our own.

We’re all talking the talk about diverse recruitment, but the pace of change remains glacial. So without enough distinct voices in the room, we turn to generic reports and stereotypes to fill in the gaps. Millennials value experiences. Gen Z-ers are digital natives. Mums need easy meal solutions.  

To gain genuine insight, we need to be exposed to fresh points of view: the person we’ve never encountered; the story we’ve never heard; the argument we’d dismissed.  

That’s why we’ve launched Dear Black Sheep, a series of panel discussions bringing outside speakers into BBH to discuss issues that matter. Everything from identity politics to artificial intelligence. Most of all, we hope to give our speakers a platform to share their ideas, and to start conversations that reach beyond our agency walls.

No jargon. No ‘craft’. No advertising at all. Just fresh perspectives to shake us up and get us thinking. We’ll be sharing the juicy highlights here on Labs. We hope you enjoy it.