Author, Jeremy Ettinghausen, Innovation Director, BBH London and Labs

Funny robot sit with headphones

AI bots are everywhere. Or at least, chatter about chatbots is everywhere. The slick new Quartz app wants to msg you the news. Forbes launched their own official Telegram newsbot yesterday. Will 2016 be the year of the bot, the year we start chatting and stop worrying about whether the person(a) at the other end of the chat is human or not?

At Labs we like to get stuck in and get our hands dirty. Metaphorically. So we fired up Telegram, added some bots to our contact list, and started chatting. And here’s the resulting chat, screengrabbed for your edification.

So, maybe couldn’t cope with my language or, more likely, my location. And there’s clearly no pretence of any sort of humanity in the interface. And maybe no food to be had in London after 10pm.

More chats with bots to follow…