Bring me fools and geniuses

Author: Jim Carroll, Chairman, BBH London

Like many people I was amused by Rory Sutherland’s recent piece in The Spectator, in which he suggested it might be a smart strategy for Agencies to recruit graduates with lower class degrees.

Sutherland argues that there is no evidence that ‘recruits with first-class degrees turn into better employees than those with thirds’. Graduates with lower class degrees are in fact undervalued by the market and as a result they’re less expensive and more loyal.

I thought I might contribute my own perspective to the debate and indeed my own trusty Recruitment Tool:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 17.29.16
In my many years of working with Strategists, I have established that very smart people can reduce highly complex conundra into quite simple challenges. In this respect they have something in common with the less-than-intelligent, who see the world simply despite its many sophistications.
I have also observed that those with moderate-to-medium levels of intelligence can perceive complexity in every aspect of every problem.

This has led me to conclude that the only useful Strategists are fools or geniuses….

One thought on “Bring me fools and geniuses

  1. jeanjacques says:

    but nobody compared them based on the intelligence. since you’re reffering to strategist, I may add that a less diligent student may have been involved in a lot more activities outside uni, building what I like calling social inteligence. hemay not be able to make a MS Excel pie chart, but he can write damn well or simply make connections the other can’t; one of the reasons here being the simple fact he had time to read more literature, TIME magazine or play in a band, things the first category, the first-class degrees, didn’t had time for.
    of course, there are exceptions, this is not a rule, I was just pointing out the aspect from the perspective of the time spent for studying or other things that might help the individual become, at some point, a better professional.

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