Author: Ben Shaw, Social Strategy Lead, BBH London

You’re sitting there asking yourself two questions:

1. What the hell is a Social Engagement Director?

2. Why has an agency created another job title I haven’t heard of before.

The thing is, we don’t properly know how to describe this sort of person. And there aren’t many of them around, which is why you may not have heard the title before.

Ok, we own up, they are *gasp* a hybrid.

They’re both sides of the coin. They know their stuff about engaging people in social platforms and can work with a team & client to get it done. They’ve put together the pieces of a content calendar and taken it apart to manage the process for getting it made. They know what metrics to measure and how to package it for different client needs. They want to write the strategy and manage a team. Essentially, they’re a thinker and a doer.

So, we’ve established they’re a hybrid, what else does this fantastical person behold in their skill set?


They will have been around the block. They are likely to be doing one these roles: Senior social media planner, Senior social strategist, Senior digital marketing manager. They will have delivered in spades across a variety of clients and have strong, informed opinions on where the social landscape for brands is heading.


We’re looking for a senior, brilliant practitioner with proper experience who is going to develop & strengthen our social team. They will be co-managing a team of handpicked specialists comprising of analysts, social strategists, community managers, influencer networkers, and working alongside account strategists to develop best practice social thinking and output for our clients.

Entrepreneurial skills

BBH is fortunate enough to have some of the best brands, big and small, in our portfolio because we’re a restless company, constantly striving to do the most effective and exciting work possible. Creating socially connected ideas is at the top of our agenda for growth, so they need to have an entrepreneurial attitude to their work – enough to continue to grow the BBH social offering and grasp new business opportunities.


They know the latest ins and outs of marketing on social platforms – because they are passionate about this, both personally and professionally. They can easily define a brands business & social objectives, focus on how that brand can serve the needs of a community, write a brief and work with creative teams to help shape an idea. They know all the those important acronyms like KPI, ASU and yes, OMG.

A good cultural fit

Like all BBHers, they’re ‘good & nice’. They want to do great work and have some fun doing it.

We’re looking for one of them. A Social Engagement Director.

If think you are one, or know of one, get them to send a CV to: