About BBH Labs

Labs is BBH’s global R&D unit. We’re tasked with pioneering new outputs and approaches: exploring emerging platforms and behaviours on behalf of brands, and developing new agency models along the way. Our overall ambition is to find ways in which marketing innovation can be a powerful force for good (more effective, more engaging, more sustainable, more exciting). We’re particularly interested in:

– Innovative new forms of creativity
– Novel approaches that are rapid, iterative & curatorial
– The mashup of thinking from radically different sources & industries
– Sustainable marketing at scale
– Co-creation and mass collaboration
– Social ideas and how they propagate
– Marketing as product or service

Who we are

BBH Labs (@bbhlabs) was co-founded by Mel Exon and Ben Malbon in 2008. Mel is now CEO of Sunshine and you can find her on twitter as @melex. If you’re looking for Ben, you’ll now find him at Google as their Marketing Director in London, or on twitter @malbonnington.


More to come …


We are always interested in meeting with people or organizations working in similar areas. If you’d like to discuss collaborating with Labs, please contact us at: collaborators@bbh-labs.com. Let’s chat.

Follow us on twitter: @bbhlabs
BBH main agency site is here: http://www.bartleboglehegarty.com