About BBH Labs

Labs is BBH’s global R&D unit. We’re tasked with pioneering new outputs and approaches: exploring emerging platforms and behaviours on behalf of brands, and developing new agency models along the way. Our overall ambition is to find ways in which marketing innovation can be a powerful force for good (more effective, more engaging, more sustainable, more exciting). We’re particularly interested in:

– Innovative new forms of creativity
– Novel approaches that are rapid, iterative & curatorial
– The mashup of thinking from radically different sources & industries
– Sustainable marketing at scale
– Co-creation and mass collaboration
– Social ideas and how they propagate
– Marketing as product or service

Who we are

BBH Labs (@bbhlabs) was co-founded by Mel Exon and Ben Malbon in 2008. Mel is now CEO of Sunshine and you can find her on twitter as @melex. If you’re looking for Ben, you’ll now find him at Google as their Marketing Director in London, or on twitter @malbonnington.

Jeremy Ettinghausen (@jeremyet)
Innovation Director, London
I studied anthropology, psychology and genetics with a smattering of statistics and have since attempted not to get bogged down doing any one particular thing. Failed at this by spending thirteen years at Penguin Books where I worked on a number of digital publishing and marketing initiatives including We Tell Stories, a collaboration between writers and game designers and, most recently, myFry, a non-linear reading application for Mr Stephen Fry. I am easily distracted and distract others and I believe that the internet’s prime function is to be a massive distraction engine for all mankind. Other distractions include a wife and three evolving digital natives, mapping, photography and fine fragrances.


We aren’t hiring at the moment but are always interested in meeting with people or organizations working in similar areas. If you’d like to discuss collaborating with Labs, please contact us at: collaborators@bbh-labs.com. Let’s chat.

Follow us on twitter: @bbhlabs
BBH main agency site is here: http://www.bartleboglehegarty.com