Photo taken by Griffin Farley

The BBH Labs team had a chance to attend Dave McClure’s 500 Startups NYC Demo at General Assembly this week. Dave is a Super Angel who has invested in startups like and Twilio. The room was packed with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, inventors, geeks, developers, cooks, fashion hounds, drunks, Bloggers and investors waiting to get a glimpse into the freshly born companies.

During the course of the evening we learned some new lingo that 500 Startups seems to use for all ventures:

Advisory Round – All the startups had an advisory round of funding. These rounds were typically under $150k

Double Down – This is a focus on a target audience, occasion or time of year when the startup will win

Angelist – The website that houses all startups and makes it easy for angel investors to get information on founders and concepts

Cobra High-Five – A celebratory hand gesture between two people simultaneously that mixes a normal high-five and moving your arm and hand in cobra-like motion

Every idea was impressive in its own right. At BBH Labs we tend to like ideas that fix fundamental human problems in innovate ways. Venture Beat did a great write up on all the ideas but here are a few that we would like to highlight:

DailyAisle: Reinvent the wedding planning process

The DailyAisle is the Kayak of wedding planning. You can search for venues, photographers, DJ’s for a wedding by budget, dates and the like. Daily Aisle takes a 10 percent reservation fee for each wedding venue booked through the site. They currently only serve the San Francisco area but we expect to see them in towns across the States soon.

Ovia: Reinvent the interview process

Ovia is an online video interviewing service. Job candidates record un-rehearsed answers to questions using their webcam and then ship the video over to a human resources provider. The candidates are all asked the same questions in the same manner. Recruiters can then watch and evaluate candidate responses. OVIA Presentation

Skipola: Reinvent the restaurant phone order

Skipola is a service that calls a restaurant for you when you want to order something. Less than 10% of restaurants have online ordering. Restaurants can also use the iPad app to retrieve the orders in a “ticket” like manner. Skipola Presentation

StoryTree: Reinvent the family bible

StoryTree is an online site that keeps track of a family’s significant moments — like a baby’s first steps or the death of a loved one. You record videos and add photos to build out a “tree.” Social Networks are in the moment and StoryTree makes the moment last. Storytree Presentation

Which of these startups do you like most? What other startups are you following? We want to hear from you.