Monthly Archive: June, 2011


The future of connected TV (and why it may just revolutionise adland), Part II

Author: Matthew Kershaw, Content Director, BBH London I talked here yesterday about a near future in which TV advertising would become fully targetted, completely measurable and highly interactive. So what are the implications of this prediction for agencies? Without getting all Harold Camping on you, here are five things I believe agencies should do to craft the advertising of the...


Life In A Day: Preview Screening & Live Q&A

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube] Author: Alice Bullimore, Integrated Producer, BBH London What would happen if you asked everyone in the world to take a video of their life on the same day? Well, it’s happened. The day was July 24th 2010 and people from 120 countries uploaded over 80,000 videos. Life, in a Day. The raw footage itself is powerful. As...


Tonight: Kronenbourg 1664 hosts a live Q&A with Suggs from Madness

Author: Agathe Guerrier (@agatheg), Strategist, BBH London & BBH Labs [youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube] *Tonight at 9pm GMT* we’re happy to say Kronenbourg 1664 is hosting a live event on the brand’s YouTube channel, as part of its Slow the Pace campaign. A Q&A with the star of our second commercial in the series, Suggs from Madness, it will be livestreamed...